SHEQ Management System

Reakgona Commercial and Industrial Hygiene have developed an integrated SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and quality) management system across all of its branches. The company was recently awarded with ISO 9001 by SABS. Our SHEQ performance is monitored at each management review meeting of management executive committee.

Key features of our SHEQ management systems include:

  • Identification of environmental aspects and the impacts these have or could have on the environment and their elimination or control to prevent environmental pollution;
  • Developing and implementing mechanisms for the identification of health and safety and health hazards and the assessment of associate risks with the intention of eliminating such risks or implementing control measures to prevent undue harm, illness or injury to employees at work;
  • Complying with all applicable legal requirements and striving to exceed these requirements.
  • Implementing mechanisms for the regular and continual review of business practices, procedures and systems, benchmarking these against similar industries to improve on customer services and operations and advance with the market trends.
  • Competence and training of our work force to ensure our business objectives are met.
  • Monitoring and continual improvement of the system
  • Comprehensive waste management systems.
  • Establishing a corrective procedure to address all identified and potential non-conformance.
  • Keeping of records in compliance to our control of records procedure.
  • Our contractors are required to adopt the same procedures. We have close relationships with our key contractors. This has ensured that our programmes are aligned, knowledge is shared and lessons learned. We also participate jointly in activities such as training and audits.
  • The performance of comprehensive environmental impact assessments prior to the commencement of each project. These aim to identify and assess potential environmental challenges, including associated risks. They also aim to establish operational controls to address acute impacts and eliminate or limit emissions to permitted thresholds.
  • The development of robust response mechanisms to address environmental incidents should they occur.



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